125mm (5") Flue Adapters

Our galvanised steel flue adapters are designed to allow connection to either a 125mm (5") flixible flue liner, Selkirk 'IL' 125mm (5") twinwall rigid flue pipe or Ritevent 'B_Vent' 125mm (5") twinwall rigid flue pipe.

The base of the adapter can be flat or have upturned edges. The flat adapter normally being used to install from below your installation or the upturned adapter from above the installation. The upturned edges significantly increase the rigidity of the adapter.

We also offer 2 fixing methods - one for self-tapping screws and one with captive threaded fixings supplied with bolts.

If being used with flexible flue liner then the collar of the adapter has an inner lip for the liner to sit onto to aid fixing. The liner would then be held in place using self-tapping screws.

An angled collar version is also available if fixing a flexible liner and a lintel or stone fireplace needs to be worked around. Due to the manufacturing process our angled adapter is made from mild steel and painted black.

All our flue components are designed by our own Gas Safe and Hetas registered installers with a combined experience of over 70 years and who use these items themselves every day.