Fireflexmaster Twinwall Stainless Steel Flexible Flue Liner

Solid Fuel, Oil and Gas Class 1 Flexible Liner

FIREFLEXMASTER flexible flue liner is the top performing chimney liner from DCG, who are a ISO 9002 quality standard Company.

Deeply corrugated BS 1449 316 grade stainless steel is manufactured into a twin wall flue liner which combines great strength with flexibility. Thickness 0.105mm.

Fireflexmaster is offered with a 10 year guarantee on the 316 grade version and a 20 year guarantee on the superior 904 grade.

Outer corrugated layer provides a protective casing during the installation process and after installation it helps protect the inner layer from corrosion due to attack by residual deposits.The inner layer is smooth to discourage the build up of soot and other potentially corrosive residues and to encourage the unimpared flow of flue gasses.

Inner and outer layers are joined by the Triple Lock Joint System which os acknowledged to be the best jointing system available, the Triple Lock Joint provides strength and stability by distributing forces evenly round ther flue liner. The overlapping joint construction protects the joint from the potentially damaging effects of condensation.

The twin wall construction, with triple lock and overlapping joints, enables Fireflexmaster to withstand operational temperatures of up to 750┬░ C and short fire temperatures of up to 1000┬░ C - e.g., a chimney fire(In the event of such an occurence, the future liner performance will be adversely affected)

Suitable for all standard solid fuel, oil and gas installations and passed to give optimal performance with coal, coke, cured dry logs and cured dry peat.

Maximum Bending Diameters - measured to the inside of the bend:-
125mm / 0.625m
150mm / 0.750mm
175mm / 1.050mm
200mm / 1.200mm

To compliment Fireflexmaster flue liner, a full range of stainless steel fittings is available - all checked to European quality standard ISO 9002