Designed to angle the flue pipe run where necessary and available in 30 degree, 45 degree, 70 degree and 90 degree versions.

All elbows are also available with a stainless steel cleaning access door with a ceramic fibre gasket, to cover an 80mm x 110mm (3in x 5in) opening.


  30 Deg 45 Deg 70 Deg 90 Deg
Diameter Offset Height Offset Height Offset Height Offset Height
100mm / 4" 67mm 270mm 85mm 245mm 89mm 195mm 110mm 160mm
125mm / 5" 61mm 270mm 95mm 257mm 91mm 205mm 95mm 157mm
150mm / 6" 66mm 280mm 85mm 273mm 94mm 207mm 100mm 175mm
175mm / 7" 68mm 290mm 100mm 235mm 100mm 265mm 99mm 186mm
200mm / 8" 68mm 300mm 105mm 255mm 112mm 280mm 130mm 228mm

Please note: Height is to the center of the pipe, not the overall height