Revolutionary duct and flue restoration, the quickest and cleanest lining solution

Fluetech are an approved Kompozit’all UK installer

What is FuranFlex25?

This is a unique liner which has been developed over the last 30 years, the products capabilities have improved within that time but the basic principal remains the same.

As an installer we only require access at both ends of the flue, and rarely do we have to gain access by excavating walls. With this liner this need is minimised, this makes FuranFlex25 the quickest and cleanest to install.

This liner starts of as flexible tube, however there is a unique material called “Thermoplastic resin” contained within the liner. This is what makes FuranFlex25 so special and allows it to be so accurate as well as quick and clean. The material reacts with steam and goes from a flexible solid to a solid which is now harder than steel.

All installation equipment and steam generators are developed specifically for all Kompozit’all UK lining products.

To find out more about FuranFlex25 go to: Visit Furan

Why FuranFlex25 is different.

Quick installation: Limited need to remove old flue, limited need to break into walls to gain access and moulds to the exact shape of the flue.

Reduce inconvenience for other tenants/stakeholders in building: Flue access only needed at the each end of the Flue and a long-term solution with a 25 year Guarantee.

Product options: Available for all types of Flues and Ducts, 1 piece capable of 100M Lengths, 1000mm diameter, moulds to most duct shapes, 1 piece capable of bends and different diameters.

Manufacturer Guarantee for the full 25 years: Liner + Labour covered, hhigh resistance to corrosion for both, insurance Backed Guarantee option.

The Range of Kompozit’all UK liners we provide:

FuranFlex25 Black - Flue Lining

FuranFlex25 RWV - Flue Lining

VentilFlex25 Green - Ventilation Air Flow Ducting

VentilFlex25 RKV - Ventilation Fire Rated Ducting

Click the video below to see how versatile FuranFlex is!