From 1st April 2002 domestic consumers wishing to have a solid fuel fired appliance (or replacement for an existing appliance) installed in their dwelling will need to get building control approval either from their local authority or through membership of the HETAS registration scheme.

The HETAS scheme provides a cost effective alternative to seeking local authority building control approval and will help house holders to identify reputable businesses.

Companies registered with HETAS will be subject to detailed scheme rules, will be inspected periodically and will be required to confirm that the work they have carried out has been undertaken by a HETAS registered engineer and that the work complies with building regulations.

Here at Fluetech Ltd we offer a full service to guide you through your new installation or to upgrading your existing installations by our fully qualified team of HETAS registered engineers.

The message from HETAS is clear, all fuel burning appliances are safe provided they are installed and operated correctly and serviced regularly. The basic requirements are clearly stated in the Building Regulations Approved

Document J which are summarised as follows:

J1 - AIR SUPPLY: - Shall be adequate supply of air for combustion and efficient working of any fuel.

J2 – FLUING: - Adequate provision for discharge of the product of combustion to outside air.

J3 – PROTECTION OF BUILDING: -Appliances & flue pipes shall be installed to reduce to a reasonable level the risks of building catching fire in consequences of there use.

J4 – PROVISION OF INFORMATION:- A durable notice providing information on hearth, fireplace, flue or chimney shall be affixed in a suitable place (must not be removed).

CARBON MONOXIDE: - Highly poisonous gas Fumes have no colour, taste or smell and can be produced by appliances that use gas, wood, oil, coal or smokeless fuel. Carbon Monoxide can also be present in smoke from solid fuel, wood or oil appliances.

You must have your solid fuel or wood burning appliances safety checked annually by a registered competent person i.e. a HETAS registered engineer. You should have your chimney swept at least once a year before each winter. Fluetech will sweep your chimney and if required do a pressure test to check for any seepage in the chimney ensuring an efficient working chimney. If any faults are found we will investigate and either repair or reline the chimney.